Dating tips for Christian singles

Anyone trying to find dating tips for Christian singles – needs to remind themselves that Christians don’t just come in male and female; but all types of personalities, shapes, sizes and indeed colors. We are all complex human beings as well as Christians and do not need to approach dating another Christian single person differently to the way that anyone with different, or no religious, inclinations. Whilst we may choose to follow our Christian moral standards and values in our dating; the process of asking another Christian for a date, and what we then do on dates, is the same as for anyone else.

Christian denominations and dating

One of the most common dating tips for Christian singles that gets requested is how to approach dating someone from a different Christian denomination. To me it is a great pity that all too rarely someone from one denomination will actively seek to date a Christian from a different denomination. If, as a Christian, you are attracted to a Christian from a different denomination one of the best dating tips for Christian singles is to simply – go for it. Have strength in the thought that you are both Christians and whilst you may hold some different Christian values; they are none the less Christian ones and share a common basis – the bible. There are those Christians that will say divine intervention has brought the other person into your life – which could mean that it was always your destiny that you would date a person from another denomination.

Won’t God provide me with a date?

First of all, if that question is going through your mind, don’t you think that’s rather presumptuous of you? Whilst God does say to pray to him for help and guidance – that doesn’t mean to say that therefore you can simply stop trying to help yourself or, in this case, get a date for yourself. As modern Christians we no longer practice arranged marriages, so why expect God to arrange a date for you? I suppose an extreme or fundamentalist Christian might well only accept that only God will bring to them a person they should date. However, lets not forget the old saying “God moves in mysterious ways ….” and in actual fact anyone could attribute anything to being an act of God if they so chose. Personally I think a much healthier approach is to incorporate your Christian beliefs into finding a date. As a dating tip for Christian singles; it really doesn’t matter where you are, or how it comes about, if you decide to ask someone out for a date, or are asked out on a date, – you can pray to God and see if you are guided through that prayer in deciding whether or not to proceed. This moment of reflection will at least ensure that nothing is done in haste. Of course the opposite to that is, and for numerous reasons, your answer might well be a flat – yes or no.

Ideas and dating tips for Christian singles

Ideas and dating tips for Christian singles are pretty much the same as for anyone else; you’re a couple out on a date – have fun! If it’s the first date you’ve been on with the other person then it makes sense to arrange to do something you both know you’ll enjoy. It might be that you want to date in a familiar environment that you feel secure in like a church or a Christian group organized activity; or you may prefer to do something independently. Whilst this isn’t an instruction and it depends entirely on your own personalities; a dating tip for Christian singles is to do something away from your church. Go bowling, ice skating, perhaps a beach or river-side picnic. The sort of thing where there are other people around but you can talk to one another and start to find out if you want to date the other person again. Finally, of course, you’ll need to find out if there’s that intangible thing between you – chemistry!

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