Are Discount Coupons Acceptable to Use on Dates?

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Dating and discount coupons

Half price dates

Dating can be an expensive affair. Even if you’re splitting the bills with your dates, there are meals and drinks to pay for, theatre or cinema tickets to buy and the cost of transport to and from your day or night out. So, given the chance, is it acceptable to use discount coupons to help stretch your budget when dating?

It’s a tricky issue. On the one hand, using a discount coupon to get reduced price entry to a local attraction, a few starter if you buy a main course at a restaurant or buy one get one free on cinema tickets are all highly tempting offers. If you’re going on lots of dates whilst trying to find the right person, or on lots of dates with one person, then the cost of it all can add up.

But even though it may make you feel better to save a few dollars here and there, your date may not be so impressed. What’s more, the situation may be harder to judge when you’ve only just met.

When It’s Not Acceptable to Use Discount Coupons on Dates

The worst time to pull out your discount coupon and make a saving has to be on the first date. This is a time when first impressions count more than anything else and using discount coupons can easily be seen as a negative action.

For someone that doesn’t know you well yet, you may get viewed as a cheapskate for trying to save money, which is probably not the impression you’re trying to achieve.

When It May be Acceptable to Use Discount Coupons on Dates

Although first dates aren’t the most appropriate times to use discount coupons, there are other dating situations when they’re more acceptable.

After you’ve been on a few dates with the same person and have been seen to pay full price for these, then announcing that you’ve discovered a fantastic deal and want to share it with them may go down well.

If you find a deal that you can organise in advance, such as buying a meal to cook at home on special offer or buying tickets with a discount in advance, then you could sneakily get away with making use of discounts without having to declare it to your date. Depending on the nature of the deal, then this could work in your favour if your date thinks you’re spending more than you actually are!

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