When To Give Your Online Date Your Number and How To Protect Your Privacy

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Keep safe when giving a date your number

When to give your number out?

Online dating is a great way of meeting new people, but if you’ve so far online communicated online, at what point should you hand over your phone number?

Giving out your phone number used to be the norm in dating, especially when you met people in person at clubs or pubs and wanted them to get in contact with you again. But with online dating, there’s so much of a need to give out your phone number, or at least not at first.

There’s also the issue that it’s not always so easy to know 100% exactly who you’re communicating with when they are just a relatively anonymous name on screen.

If this is a concern to you, then here are four practical tips for guarding your privacy en route to giving out your phone number.

1. Make The Most Of Online Communication

When you’re trying Internet dating for the first time, it can be really tempting to give out your phone number to the first people you’re in contact with. But in terms of personal safety, you’re much better off holding fire and making the most of online communication, at least to start with.

One of the major benefits of a lot of online dating sites is that they’re designed to protect your privacy. Sometimes people can seem perfectly normal and nice for the first couple of messages, but then you discover a side of them you’re not too sure about. Until you’re 100% sure and comfortable with someone, don’t give out your phone number.

2. Give Out An Email Address

If you’ve been communicating through the comfort of an online dating site and want to take things a step further, then it’s a good idea to give an email address first, before a phone number.

If your current email address has your full name on, or goes to a work address, and you don’t want to reveal that much personal information, then there are a plenty of sites where you can set up a free web-based email account that you can just use for your dating encounters.

3. Chat To Them Online

If you want to chat more than simply through email, then chatting online is a good next move. There are lots of instant messaging services available and you can begin to build up more of a rapport through direct, real time chat.

4. Giving Out Your Phone Number

If the time has come and you really want to give out your phone number, and perhaps arrange to meet your online date, then it’s still not necessary to give out your real phone number.

If you’ve got an old mobile phone knocking around, know someone who has or can buy a really cheap one, then it’s very inexpensive to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM card to use with it.

This gives you a completely separate phone number to use, so you can communicate with your date as much as you wish, but remain safe in the knowledge that they needn’t know your real number until you’ve met them and are perfectly happy about giving it out.

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