5 Texting Dating Scenarios to Avoid

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Txt talk can get you in trouble with your date

Be careful with texting

Texting has become a major part of many people’s lives and it’s as normal now to send a text as it was in the past to pick up the phone. But when you’re dating, texting isn’t always the best form of communication. Here are five classic texting scenarios to be aware of and avoid where you can! 

1. Don’t send vague texts

The limited space on a text can limit how much information you’re able to send on a single message. If there’s not room to fully express yourself, and the limited text you send could end up rather vague, then don’t send it at all. Email instead or wait until you see your date in person.

2. Don’t text your friends when you’re on a date.

Being on a date with someone that seems to be constantly attached to their phone, especially when they’re texting, instantly gives the impression that you’re bored with their company. Don’t get tempted to reply to all and sundry when you’re on your date. Unless it’s a really important text, ignore it until later and give your date your full, focused attention.

3. Don’t tease by text

Texting can be great for flirting, but there’s a fine line between sending flirty texts and teasing texts. If you’re early on in your relationship with your date and aren’t 100% sure if they totally get your sense of humour or will understand your teasing via texts, then err on the side of caution and don’t tease them by text just yet.

4. Don’t get carried away with txt talk

Not everyone loves abbreviated text talk or understands it. Whilst it can be fun to exchange texts with your date, it’s not so great if what you send comes across as undecipherable goobldegook. There’s no harm in using occasional abbreviations that most people will understand – “It was gr8 to c u,” for example – but don’t write entire text messages in abbreviations that may not be recognised.

5. Don’t break up by text

Texting can be useful for many things, but breaking up with your date is certainly not one of them. It’s rude and your date deserves more than just a text to tell them things aren’t working out.

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