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5 things he really means when his dating profile says…

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 | signs, tips | No Comments
Discover what he really means!

Discover what he really means!

Online dating is a great way of meeting new men, but whilst his dating profile may seem self-explanatory, you can’t always take what he says at face value.

Whether it’s his views on what he’s looking for in a woman, a description of his personality or his employment status, sometimes you have to look between the lines to discover the reality.

If you’re wondering what the statements in his dating profile may really mean, then read on to discover the truth!

1. His Ideal Woman

If his profile says that he’s “looking for a woman who cares about her appearance and looks good,” you may think that sounds positive.

But in reality, it could mean that he values looks as far more important than personality, plus it could be a sign that all he wants is some great looking arm candy on his arm to wow his friends.

2. What He’d Like to Do On His Ideal Date

Cheesy sunset beach walk

Cheesy sunset beach walk

There’s usually a section in an online profile where you describe what your ideal date is. This can give you can idea about a guy’s originality – or lack of it.

If his profile simply says, “My ideal date is a romantic candlelight meal or a long walk on the beach in the sunset,” it may seem nice on the surface, but really reeks of lack of imagination. It’s a sign that he can’t think of anything better to say and hasn’t really given it that much thought.

3. Employment and Salary

The profile section that deals with employment and jobs should give you an insight into what he does for a living. But it’s not always clear cut.

If his profile has the words, “I’m in between jobs” in it, alarm bells should start ringing. Put simple, this probably means, “I’m unemployed and out of work.”

Likewise, if there’s a space for him to include his yearly salary – and some dating sites do have one – then take it with a pinch of salt. It’s especially so if he’s picked one of the highest salaries, as he may just be trying to impress you with illusions of money.

It’s probably better if he’s left it blank – he may be too shy to share this with the world, but you can find out for yourself when you vet him in person.

Football comes first

Football comes first

4. His Hobbies and Lifestyle

Of course you want to know about his hobbies and lifestyle, but you may need to use your own imagination here too.

If his profile says he, “loves sports and football,” then what it could really mean is that his Saturday’s are dedicated to sport, so don’t expect to go out on a date then.

5. What He’s Looking For

Finally, when he describes what he’s looking for, if his profile says, “I’m not looking for anything serious,” “I’m just looking for friendship,” or “Let’s just see what happens,” it all means he’s looking for sex.

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